Psycho-Educational Assessment

Consultation to investigate the possible reasons for a child difficulty in schools.

There are many reasons why a child may not be doing well in school, and often environment and ability interact in a negative and sometimes destructive way.

In the psycho-educational assessment process I offer an initial consultation to investigate the possible reasons for a child difficulty in schools.


These can range from being bored or under stimulated in the case of highly gifted students, a possible specific learning difficulty (e.g., dyslexia or dyscalculia) or some other neurodevelopmental disorder (e.g., ADHD), or even undetected problems with eyesight or hearing.

Children also sometimes react to their environment in ways that are not always directly obvious, so poor attention or bad behaviour at school may be due to a change of school, close bereavement, or illness

My initial consultation will consider the likelihood of all these possibilities and identify the best way forward to tackle your child’s specific problems.

This may be as simple as having their eyes or hearing tested if this has not already been done. However, for more complex issues further investigation will be needed.

This may include a psycho-educational assessment. These take about four hours of testing to complete, done over two sessions, usually a week apart.


The results from the testing is complied in to a comprehensive report which will include a description of your child’s learning profile (their strengths and weaknesses), strategies to improve their learning uptake, a recommendation as to how to proceed and if warranted a diagnosis of a learning difficulty.

Included with the report is a debriefing session where I will explain all the findings and recommendations and answer any questions you may have (usually about 45 min).

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